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2019 Community Tree Canopy Program

Arlington’s Community Tree Canopy Program 2019


The Arlington Tree Committee has embarked on a subsidized tree-planting program made possible with funds from the Town of Arlington’s Trees Please Fund. This program is managed by the Arlington Tree Committee, and is not related to ongoing street tree planting managed by Arlington’s DPW.


When you plant the right tree in the right place, it can help improve air and water quality, manage storm water runoff, sequester carbon, provide shade to buildings and streets, and make neighborhoods more enjoyable. It’s a win for you and the town!


Available trees

Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra)

Fast-growing tree

Splendid red fall color and acorns

Tolerates pollution and compact soil

Grows to 60-75′, with 35’ spread






Eastern Redbud (Cercis Canadensis)

 Rosy pink flowers in the spring

Heart-shaped leaves and 2-3” pods

Full sun or light shade

Grows to 20-30′, with 30’ spread





Cost:   $65 delivered.

Red Oak, arrives in a 7 gallon container (retail value with delivery of $150)

Redbud, arrives in a 5 gallon container (retail value with delivery of $200)


Delivery Date: Friday, May 3rd (tentative). Trees will be delivered by New England Nurseries. You will be provided with planting instructions and exact delivery date after submitting payment.


Spring 2019 Eligibility:

  • Arlington homeowners or businesses
  • Recipient must be willing to plant and water tree
  • Planting location should be on private property, preferably 20 feet from street or sidewalk
  • Trees available on a first-come, first-served basis




Questions? email arltreecmte@gmail.com


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