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Planting Street Trees

The Town is responsible for planting street trees.  Due to budget constraints, the Town is not able to replace all the trees that are removed each year.  The Arlington DPW Tree Division orders about one hundred bare-root trees in late February / early March of each year at a cost $70 – $90 each. The trees are delivered in mid-April and are heeled into the ground for temporary storage.  To avoid undue stress and increase their chance of survival, the trees must be planted within a couple of weeks before they leaf out.

There are several ways in which residents can help to enhance the tree canopy of their neighborhood:

DPW planting a tree in Town

DPW planting a tree in Town


To request the planting of a tree, visit the Town’s Request/Answer Center.  (You will need to create an account, if you don’t already have one.)  Your request will be forwarded to the Tree Division and, whenever possible, included in the next order that is placed.  Once the tree has been planted, you will be asked to water the tree frequently over the first couple of years until it is established.

For further information, please contact the Tree Warden’s office (781-316-3311) or the Tree Committee at ArlTreeCmte@gmail.com.


Not all trees planted by the DPW are planted in response to requests. Some, especially those along Arlington’s major thoroughfares, are planted in front of businesses or other non-residential properties. Following planting, Arlington Tree Committee members visit new tree sites in search of a point person to accept responsibility for watering the new tree. The Committee will send watering guidelines and reminders via email to that person.

If you are willing to act as a tree steward for a newly planted tree, please contact the Tree Committee and advise them of your location.  The Tree Committee can be reached at ArlTreeCmte@gmail.com.

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