Tree Request Form

Arlington’s Community Tree Canopy Program 2018

Registration Form:

Indicate your tree preference, sign, and mail form and payment to secure a tree.

Check should be made out to Town of Arlington with “Community Tree Canopy Program” on the memo line.


Form and payment should be sent to:


Arlington Tree Committee

Arlington Town Hall

730 Massachusetts Avenue

Arlington, MA 02476



Name:     __________________________________________________________________


Address:  __________________________________________________________________


Phone  number :   ___________________________________________________________


Email :    __________________________­_________________________________________


Tree Type


(please circle)­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­:    Oak ($65)      or      Hawthorne ($65)


(please circle one):

If my tree choice is not available, please cancel my order (you will be notified and your payment destroyed)


If my tree choice is not available, I’ll take the available tree type



I   confirm   I   will   plant   the   tree   and   provide   regular   water   to   the   tree   especially  during   its   first   two   growing   seasons.




Signature: ________________________________________________________________________________


I n   a d v a n c e   o f   p l a n t i n g, p l e a s e   c o n t a c t   D i g s a f e

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