Certified Arborists

When choosing an arborist to work on your trees, make sure that the contractor is a Massachusetts Certified Arborist and is bonded and insured. Certification attests that the person doing your work has successfully completed a professional training program.  Being bonded and insured means that the arborist, not the homeowner, will be liable for any accidents that occur on the job.

Below is a partial list of certified, bonded, and insured arborists who work regularly in Arlington.  Companies on this list are known to members of the Tree Committee and have good reputations.  You may learn of other excellent tree contractors by talking with friends and neighbors about their experiences.

This list of contractors is provided as a courtesy to homeowners in need of tree work.  Arborists are not endorsed in any way by the Town of Arlington or the Tree Committee.  Names of qualified arborists can easily be added to the list. Interested companies should contact the Tree Warden at 781-316-3311.

Homeowners can also obtain information about local arborists from:

Here is a partial list of local arborists:

1.  Arborcare Tree Service, Woburn, 781-648-1100

2.  Bartlett Tree Experts, Waltham, 781-330-0909

3.  Cambridge Landscape Co., Cambridge, 617-661-8591

4.  Capizzi & Co, 820 Main Street, Acton, 978-263-3726

5.  Davey Tree Expert Company, Norwood, 781-769-9117

6.  Matthew R. Foti Landscape and Tree Service Inc., Lexington, 781-861-0505

7.  Hartney Greymont Inc., Needham, 781-444-1227

8.  Mead Brothers Tree Service, Bedford, 781-275-7787

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  1. Jeff Smith says:

    Hi, Just wondering what is required so we can put ourselves on this list? can you let me know what we need to send you if its possible?

    Jeff Smith

  2. Marianne Curren says:

    I have a question about trees on the strip. We water ours, but who is responsible for feeding it, shaping it if there is a stray twig or small branch, “training” it so it won’t fight with wires (it was selected because of its short height, but I’m beginning to wonder), etc. Does DPW trump everyone else?

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